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“Trixie’s got everything under control. Don’t know what you were worried about”

Artist Training Grounds 2020 — Day 20: Draw a pony breaking out / Draw a pony escape artist

Including a bonus babysitter Trixie sketch unrelated to the ATG.
safe1640369 artist:dstears625 pound cake2477 pumpkin cake2215 trixie65103 pegasus266380 pony905909 unicorn295862 alternate hairstyle26352 baby10057 baby pony6312 babysitter trixie466 bird cage60 chains4680 clothes436052 colt14084 diaper12878 female1305998 filly62920 foal15090 glowing horn18259 hoodie13119 horn55972 magic69800 male351427 mare450226 monochrome146132 natg202034 phasing7 purple910 simple background371175 telephone302 this will not end well1530 trio7989 white background92037


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That baby in cage thing reminds me of that thing from the old YouTube web series The Guild, in which one of the characters — either an irresponsible nanny or mother — puts her children in a cage while she games away all day.

On a side note, that series' main character was played by Felicia Day, who would later go on to voice the Pear Butter we all know and love. :D
Background Pony #E153
My interpretation was baby using portals to take a dump in Trixie's treasure chest.