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“Trixie’s got everything under control. Don’t know what you were worried about”

Artist Training Grounds 2020 — Day 20: Draw a pony breaking out / Draw a pony escape artist

Including a bonus babysitter Trixie sketch unrelated to the ATG.
safe1572599 artist:dstears591 pound cake2373 pumpkin cake2149 trixie61967 pegasus238727 pony843597 unicorn265119 alternate hairstyle24376 baby8994 baby pony6129 babysitter trixie319 bird cage53 chains4399 clothes407992 colt13295 diaper12112 female896789 filly59393 foal14864 glowing horn16593 hoodie12275 horn42809 magic65698 male304670 mare414332 monochrome147629 natg202027 phasing7 purple858 simple background344489 telephone279 trio7281 white background86762


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Background Pony #E153
My interpretation was baby using portals to take a dump in Trixie's treasure chest.