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Part 3 of my series for Father's Day this year.

Who would have ever thought the gaze of three gentle, shy ponies could be so intimidating?

Part 1:

Part 2:
safe1654475 anonymous artist2595 big macintosh27602 fluttershy207160 gentle breeze342 posey shy1181 earth pony229783 pegasus271773 pony918927 series:fm holidays139 courtroom149 dramatic lighting98 escii keyboard64 father's day192 female1318006 fluttermac2807 imagination292 judge87 lineless3640 male355917 mare456476 nervous5456 nervous grin1002 no pupils3810 shipping193558 shys118 sitting60042 spotlight1287 stallion102254 straight131403 sweat25051 trial54 typewriter143 underhoof49713


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