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Originally posted on: 13 April 2020  
well, the challenge was done on fb but i would like to post it here i had a lot of fun doing it
safe1860663 artist:grestevic1 applejack180858 cozy glow8453 daybreaker3188 pinkie pie229517 princess luna105000 starlight glimmer52672 alicorn253417 earth pony312814 pegasus355918 pony1204876 unicorn393545 :d1414 :p10793 apple17875 bedroom eyes66928 bust60577 ethereal mane9719 female1500388 filly76708 fluffy15754 food79777 galaxy mane1264 hoof hold9665 jewelry80002 looking at you196066 mane of fire1520 mare556609 open mouth175882 peytral4363 six fanarts1802 smiling296834 tiara4903 tongue out118295 upside down6145


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