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Background Pony #A1CC
@Conscious Donkey

Who said anything about cops?

Some people will panic at the mere sight of a drawn (brandished) weapon. Especially right now when the loonies are out rioting in force.

@Conscious Donkey
That leash looks like an excellent way of getting gunned down while walking your dog.

Not everybody lives in a country where cops shoot first and ask questions later, you know…

Sure, but there is a correlation between that and the kind of gun-fetishist culture that would produce a thing like this.
Background Pony #66DA
> Be cop
> see good boi pupper having nice walkies
> "So anyway, I started blasting"
> get qualified immunity
> repeat

There's a case where a cop tries to blast a non threatening puppy twice and shoots a kid (18 inches away) in the leg. Incompetent? Yes. Accountable? Lol.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That "Boop Edit" guy
I can actually see someone walking with his/her dog with in the park, someone calls the police and said person gets shot for not dropping the "weapon".