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Sibling Study Session! (Text Version)
A finished commission for
Featuring some heckin lewd wincest action with Twily and Shiny! Plenty of cock and balls slobberin’ and worshipping goin’ on! Wew! Extra lewd text version included!
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explicit398643 artist:bluebender385 shining armor25240 twilight sparkle324810 unicorn412039 anthro300468 ahegao28459 armor26472 ball licking650 ball worship625 balls90266 balls fetish1233 big balls12621 big breasts99807 book37711 bottomless15128 breasts324551 brother and sister5193 busty twilight sparkle13871 clothes533917 commission89718 cutie mark51777 dialogue75927 female1538107 fetish46554 golden oaks library5733 homophobia134 horsecock81769 huge breasts46245 impossibly large balls7554 incest15353 infidelity7955 large balls488 licking23124 male435718 musk1354 nipples198685 nudity430365 open mouth183935 oral55235 oral worship14 partial nudity24114 penis178284 shiningsparkle1637 shipping222703 siblings13044 straight153592 sweat31532 text71412 tongue out121948 twicest1446 whitekitten646


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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #EAB3  
She needs to be pregnant first.
Also, I never looked it up, but I think Tearjerker wants any lesbian shi acquires to have a specific BMI as a result of multiple consecutive pregnancies before going into the grinder. Meaning at least they live for several more years before their murder, enjoying a constant stream of rape and psychological trauma. :D
Background Pony #CEDE
looks at the commissioner name …. Welp this is missing a tag. There, fixed.