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Draw a pony with a sixth sense / Draw a pony encountering the supernatural
Sixth sense? C’mon, most ponies have WAY more than that! And who better to teach ponies about the common misconception on how many senses there are than Purple Smart herself?
The text, by the way, reads as such:  
In addition to the five “classical” senses which are taught in early grade school, ponies have well over a dozen recognized senses in total. The basic five, being Opthalmoception (sight), Audioception (hearing), Gustaoception (taste), Olfaception (smell), and Tactioception (touch), are joined by two further sets: the Internal Senses, and the Additional or Complex senses. Of the Internal Senses, the most well-known is Thaumaception, or the sense of magic. While unicorns are classically considered to be the most sensitive for this sense, pegasi and earth ponies share the ability to detect magical fields. The sense of balance, or Equilibrioception, is more than a colloquialism, but is in truth a full sense, as is Nociception, the ability to sense pain. Proprioception, or the sense of one’s body, provides the knowledge of where parts of the body are in relation to other parts, such as to avoid tripping while walking. The last of the Internal Senses is Thermoception, or the sense of heat; this is considered distinct from Tactioception. Complex Equestrian Senses include Kinethetic, Tactility, Chemoreception, Stretch Reception, Cutaneous Reception, and Synaesthesia, and will be discussd in more depth in Chapter Fourteen. Extraspecies senses, such as Emotiception, the changelings’ ability to perceive emotions, are covered in Chapter Fifteen.


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Background Pony #9A10
Don’t forget Pinkie sense. Although testing that nearly broke the bookhorse.