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explicit338992 semi-grimdark29125 artist:blueblaze95194 applejack166005 bon bon16063 cup cake4039 fluttershy207661 lyra heartstrings28984 pinkie pie211598 princess luna97355 rainbow dash228580 rarity177647 sweetie drops16063 twilight sparkle294352 oc656076 oc:blueblazer46 pony924251 anthro250371 plantigrade anthro30740 3d71747 absorption323 anal vore1040 animated96252 ass47062 balls72825 belly27190 big balls9050 big belly10415 big breasts78012 big penis9928 bone2901 breast expansion3285 breast vore47 breasts265966 burp1877 burping up items132 busty fluttershy16514 busty rainbow dash7859 busty rarity12221 butt51088 cauldron1102 cellphone3243 dead4046 death5207 deletion4 digestion2731 disposal476 erection13031 fart2107 fart fetish988 fat21385 fatal83 fatal vore9 fetish38212 flutterbutt4838 flutterpred614 futa44179 futa rarity2602 gritted teeth11551 growth5459 horsecock65637 huge belly3075 huge breasts36570 implied reformation13 impossibly large balls6302 impossibly large belly10015 impossibly large breasts16186 instant digestion25 intersex42118 mane six31157 nipple penetration271 nipples159085 nudity357122 peace sign2757 penetration55297 penis147685 phone5767 pinkie prey414 poop5175 post-vore1039 preddash467 preyjack297 preylight799 raripred366 rariprey481 rearity4279 scat3619 selfie2993 skeleton1828 social media56 sound8198 source filmmaker43894 stomach noise2997 toilet1612 vore13958 webm12274 weight gain4060


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There's a lot of talk about how awful it is that all the characters are out of character, permakilling their friends, how fucked Equestria is now that 2/3 of the mane 6 are gone, and so on and so forth. But here's my two cents.

It's true that the pic has tags like "fatal" and whatnot, but if you're into this kind of thing (vore, digestion) etc, you kind of have to accept that death, scat, and so on is kind of a part of that whole subfetish. And don't get me wrong, I fully understand that it feels really skeevy to be into that, and I'm not saying anyone has to be. I'm not. I don't like the idea of somebody dying as a fetish because that just makes the whole thing sad and/or disturbing. "Sure, maybe they went out with a 'bang' but they still went out, and that kinda kills the mood."

For those of us that are into vore, or other "fatal" fetishes like Inanimate TF or things like that, it might be a good idea to get into a mindset where the author's intent is sorta 'malleable.' Come to a place where you assign your own motivations, backstory, worldbuilding, etc to the scenario at hand. That way, even if these "mood killer" things crop up, you cans still bring yourself to enjoy them.

For instance… for me it helps that Blueblaze95 has made a bunch of these vore animations, and obviously they all star the same characters. So I like to think that they all take place in the same universe. "But how can that be," you ask, "when clearly Twilight, AJ, Rarity, and Pinkie died in this animation? And how can that be when they also died in the previous animation, where Twilight ate feral!Pinkie, turned feral!Dash into a ball and AV'd her, then ate a tiny anthro Rarity, got swallowed by Fluttershy, before finally Fluttershy sleep-ate a tiny anthro Applejack???"

The way I like to justify it is that Blueblaze95's work all takes place in the same universe, where pretty much all the ponies are perverted sex fiends, and a good chunk of the population has a vore fetish (there are also fairly common spells to swap between feral and anthro forms because everything's sexier with actual boobs). Magic was created to restore ponies, obviously, because eating ponies kind of kills them and that's no bueno. Restorative magics might be easier if the "remains" are still around, but it's by no means impossible to bring ponies back from "nothing" if there's a powerful or skilled enough spellcaster (obvs the mane 6 have Celestia on speed dial).

With this in mind, the mane 6 are all super into vore, and get off on eating each other. Pinkie is actually surprisingly the least into it (she's got work at the bakery, dammit, she's got no time for this!). Rarity prefers to be a pred, but she keeps getting snatched up before she can get very far. Rainbow Dash is a pred who likes to ambush ponies unaware. AJ likes being a feeder more than food. Twilight is a switch, and enjoys being both pred and prey. And Fluttershy is just the ultimate pred. Seriously. Nobody in Ponyville can out-pred Fluttershy.

So they spend their time eating each other and whatnot, and they all find that the whole thing gets spiced up when they start getting into some hardcore roleplay with it. There's a real thrill to it when they talk to each other about how "this time they're not coming back" or "they're gonna get flushed for good this time" or "this time Pinkie's just gonna become flower-fertilizer." Deleting accounts and contacts is just another part of that roleplay.

Surprisingly, despite being the ultimate pred, Fluttershy is actually the worst at the roleplay. Dash is the most into it (hence why she says things like how Pinkie is going to be 'immortalized on her figure' in that one animation, and why she was the one to get all into the "flushing" and whatnot in this animation.)

The whole thing gets kinda inconvenient sometimes… Sometimes AJ was needed to water the fields that week. And dammit, Pinkie was supposed to babysit this weekend, Dash! Sometimes Fluttershy will binge on a good chunk of the population of Ponyville, and they all had jobs and whatnot… But they're never gone for good.

Oh, sure, maybe they'll spend a week or two as fat flank/boob fat (I've always loved the 'sentient fat' subkink so I like to think they're aware and enjoying being surrounded by soft, jiggly warmth, like a big boob/flank blanket). They miss scheduled appointments and fall behind on work, and yeah, the Mane 6's horny antics kinda annoy the townsfolk sometimes because darnit, Rainbow isn't here to keep the weather on schedule!

I like to think that, if the "remains" are still around, then a pony can be brought back instantly. But if the remains are "lost," then they can be brought back from "nothing" through some kind of magical ritual or something that takes, like, a week or so to set up. As long as a skilled enough unicorn is left "alive" (like Sunset or Starlight), they can set up the ritual and have them back in a week or so. In the meantime, they get to enjoy being flank-fat and the preds get to show off their new curves to the town and feel sexy.

And if anything REALLY bad happens, like a villain attack or something, and it's REALLY necessary that one or all of them be brought back while they're still fat on Fluttershy's ass, then Celestia or Luna can come down at any time. They're powerful enough to basically bypass the ritual completely and bring ponies back from "nothing" instantaneously.

And if Celestia and Luna get gurgled? You can't just kill the sun and moon, sillies. It'll take a month or so of being boob fat, but they'll respawn naturally on their own, flashing back into existence in a pillar of light or something, like Twilight did after she first became an alicorn. They're too much of a fundamental part of nature to be kept down.

Anyway, that's how I like to see these animations. Blueblaze95's animations all take place in the same universe. Respawning is a given when somepony gets vored, it's just that the Mane 6 are all ravenously horny gut-sluts, and they all have gotten super into hardcore roleplaying with it.

(and sure, Blueblaze95 could come down from on high and tell me "nope" but if that happens I tend to just ignore authorial 'word of God.' Not only do I think that'd kinda be a dick move, purposefully trying to make it harder for people to enjoy their content, but sometimes it's better to just disregard what the author says… like everything that comes out of J. K. Rowling's Twitter account.)

Anyway, that's the "fanfic scenario" I've constructed around these animations, as well as my advice to people who get skeeved out by the more "dangerous" side of these fetishes. It does you good to get creative with it and come up with your own answers and explanations for things when they start to take a turn that puts you out of the mood and gets you upset. Fetishes and porny works like this are to have fun and sexy times with, and it's no good if you spend all your time being upset that it took a turn you didn't like. If you don't like how it turned out, you have all the power you need to change it in your mind.
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Kulta kai

Needs to have follow up where fluttershy eats rainbow, celestia and Luna Maybe even, flurry(older), Candace, shining, nightlight, and twilight velvet
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I personally hate this involves scat and bones (well digestion too but that's a given in this kind of stuff) because the bellies looked amazing.

glad i stumbled across you, lovely vore animations. I also find it very interesting that you went with a little bit of breast vore of twi and rarity's horns. overall a hot animation, although personally i'd love to see the voreception go even deeper ;3f
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Besides the shit fetish, I really find this attractive. (I thick that the shit parts are disgusting).
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>scat on it's own gets downvoted to oblivion
>But scat with fatal vore? Upvotes galore!
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I now have every cancer in the known universe from watching this animation.

Worth it.