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Draw a ponifed fairy tale, nursery rhyme or legend/Draw a pony telling a ghostly story

= = =

Celestia and Luna have acquired many baby animal companions! Surely nothing distracting will come of this.

I actually got hit by a wave of memories of reading classic Grimm stories as a child after reading the prompt. See, I somehow discovered we had a book that was a LOT of unedited, completely original stories from the Grimm series (that I initially thought was just Snow White, because it was in big, bold letters on the front of a small pink book… which hid the "and other stories" beneath it). So, as a young teen I was able to read through a LOT of stories left to the wayside by mainstream media.

Two in particular that stuck with me were The Six Servants and The Two Brothers.

The Six Servants can be easily described as "A completely whiny, drama-queen prince attempts to go win a pretty girl to marry, and meets six X-Men on his way there who agree to help him just B E C A U S E" (I was originally going to make a picture based on that one because I love it so much, but there were just too many characters in it and it was taking too long ;-;).

And The Two Brothers… is a long plot that just involves things happening. A lot of things. Like, the two twin brothers are being raised by a poor broom maker but then they end up with a hunter (it was a bit more complex than that but read the story) and then they grow up to be hunters, and then instead of actually killing their targets, the targets beg for mercy and offer their own twin CHILDREN (all five of them, by the way) to the brothers.

And then they kinda splinter off and do their own things, and one brother winds up killing a dragon, dying afterwards because he had his head cut off in his sleep by a jerk who wanted the princess for himself, was resurrected by his animals (mostly the hare), married the princess, then wound up getting trapped by a bird luring him into a definitely cursed fog. So just before things can Go Wrong and force the princess to remarry or something, his twin brother shows up, gets the gist of things and doesn't tell anyone he's NOT his brother and pretends to be him (don't worry; he was a good bro and put a double-edged sword between him and the princess every night in bed. True Family Bonds man). Eventually he gets lured by the same bird, save his brother, gets KILLED by his brother because he thought he slept with the princess, had it explained that wasn't what he was doing and had his hare once again, do the thing to heal his brother, and then they went back and the two brothers undid the Evil Plot by whoever it was that was plotting it (I think? I don't remember if there was one because a LOT HAPPENED), and split off once again. And then the brother that's married learned about the sword thing and understood just how much of a good bro his Good Bro was.

(And that's the abridged version; there's WAY more in there).

I think the only real reason it stuck with me was the animal companions. They were A) cute, and B), the best characters (one of the brother's hare had to travel hundreds of miles TWICE in a row to fix his master's decapitation (with a magic root) I was talking about earlier. The only reason it happened twice is because the head was put on backwards the first time. Yes, I'm serious. Read Grimm tales; they're hilarious sometimes. Especially The Six Servants).


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