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Description: here is the rest of the Apple/Glimmer family, just so you know who i'm talking about i mentioned here that the "breaking point" of Starlight and Applejack relationship was when little Stardust fell off a tree, here is the story!

It was a quiet night in Sweet Apple Acres, the first night of the harvest, ripe apples still on their branches ready to be picked. Stardust walked on the soft grass, he had the whole place and her mommies for him, since Forest and Crimson were in canterlot and Crescenta in The Crystal Empire. Applejack had promised him that she would let him pick the first apple, and Starlight agreed in letting him help with the harvest, he was bouncing with joy. He came to a stop when he saw the tallest tree of the orchard, the biggest apple Stardust had ever seen in it, and he thought that maybe he if he got up there with the levitation spell her mommy taught him, and got the apple he would show his mommies what a grown up he was!

He concentrated and tried to remember the words, his mommy said that he was exceptional at magic in his trainings, but that he was still too little to perform that levitation spell unsupervised, but there he was! making his way to the top of the tree. He landed in a branch, it was enough to support him while he grabbed the apple. In that moment he saw his mommies walking down the hill towards the tree"Mommy! Mom! Look i did it! I di-" in his excitement, he lost his balance, and before he knew it, he was falling, he froze, he felt the cold wind hit him…he closed his eyes…if only he could remember the spell now…

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"Oh my god Applejack he is bleeding so much!…" "Stay here i will call the doctor, oh my little Jonny…."
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He sat down in the living room of the manor, clutching his little Ursa bear in his hooves, with a terrible headache…even since he woke up he had those, Mom told her it would go away soon. He could hear them arguing, in the kitchen.

"I won't let him go near any of these trees again!" "Starlight that is my family tradition!" "Well your tradition caused him to lose his horn! He was so powerful!" "Do you care about anything else but power?! He lost it but at least he is alive!"

He felt tears forming up in his eyes, now he couldn't go with mom to pick up apples, or train and study with mommy…

He couldn't do anything

Please forgive me, i love my sweet baby Stardust so much, i promise things get better for him

Also i'm super proud of how this came up!


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