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original art: >>1207961
safe1657289 artist:mauroz613 edit127706 editor:drakeyc84 princess ember6243 human150130 bedroom eyes57154 belly button74093 belt5145 blue-eyes white dragon20 breasts265251 busty princess ember912 clothes441940 eyeshadow14704 female1320544 freckles27321 hoodie13296 humanized97979 leaning3448 lidded eyes29326 looking at you159891 makeup20196 midriff18879 solo1032437 wide hips15776 yu-gi-oh!936 yugioh card76


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Background Pony #B960
Yu-Gi-Oh DM and GX and 5DS good to feind


🥇SERENITY WHEELER 🥈Yugi Muto 🥉Solomon aka 👴 Muto
Yami Yugi Joey Wheeler Téa Gardner
Tristan Taylor Ryou Bakura Ishizu Ishtar Kisara

The gery
Seto Kaiba Rebecca Hawkins Duke Devlin
Marik Ishtar Mai Valentine Mokuba Kaiba Maximilian Pegasus Priest Seto Weevil Underwood Rex Raptor

Bad to feind
Yami Bakura Yami Marik Zorc Necrophades Dartz Paradox Anubis Diva Noah Kaiba Big Five Bandit Keith Rafael Amelda Valon Gozaburo Kaiba Siegfried von Schroider Zorc Necrophades Aknadin Bandit King Bakura Valon Zigfried von Schroeder Imitator of Death Johnson (Yu-Gi-Oh) Lector (Yu-Gi-Oh) Paradox Brothers Pandora the Conjurer Thief King Bakura Trapper (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Mr. Ishtar


Good Chumley Huffington Lyman Banner Bastion Misawa Jaden Yuki Alexis Rhodes 🥈Syrus Truesdale Jasmine Mindy Tyranno Hassleberry 🥉Jim Crocodile Cook Axel Brodie 🥇Fonda Fontaine

The Gery Yubel Zane Truesdale Atticus Rhodes Blair Flannigan Aster Phoenix

Bad to feind KagemaruVellian Crowler Jean-Louis Bonaparte Brron Zure Kozaky Chaos Sorcerer Mr. Shroud Trueman Mad 🐕 Sartorius Kumar Sarina Kumar Light of Destruction Thelonious Viper
Trapper Adrian Gecko Echo Supreme 🤴 Guardian Baou Skilled Dark Magician & Skilled White Magician Three Masked Knights Jinzo Sacred Beasts Chaos Sorcerer Sky Scout 💀 Knight
Shadow Riders
Kagemaru Nightshroud Camula Tania Don Zaloog Abidos the Third Titan Amnael Titan
Ran Kochou
Professor Cobra
Black Scorpions
Seven 🌟s Assassins


Good 🥇Martha🥈Yusei Fudo🥉Crow Hogan FRIENDS/ALLIES
♌ And 🌑
Sherry LeBlanc
Rally Dawson
Bolt Tanner
Tenzen Yanagi
Nico Carly Carmine

The Gery Jack Atlas
Akiza Izinski Kalin Kessler
Bruno Tetsu Trudge

Bad to feind 🥇Z-one 🥈Rex Goodwin 🥉Dark Signers
Mr. Armstrong
Clark Smith
Background Pony #89B2
Magic as in Magic The Gathering? Never seen that game much compared to Diablo.

But that makes some sense when you got old relics like Labyrinth Wall and Millennium Shield.
Background Pony #89B2
Yeah, I've never understood why exactly were they designed like that. Vorse Raider could take out all of those guys and he's a 4 star with 1900 attack!
Background Pony #89B2
Yep, so like I said, Gen 1's overall an obsolete generation. This isn't Pokemon after all.

Man, so much time has gone by since the last time I had my own Yu-gi-oh deck…
Background Pony #89B2
I know there's a lot of support for the Blue Eyes. I mean after all, it is one of the few iconic monsters owned by the biggest asshole with the most hilarious quotes in Yu-gi-oh.
Background Pony #89B2
I have, it's just I've lost interest in Yu-gi-oh and I haven't bothered with the cards in several years around the time 5D's was Relevant.

I never was one for card games really.
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I'm just surprised there's no fusion of Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician. Not fusing Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Dark Magician was a missed opportunity.
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Steel/Lonely type
I heard that the meta in the old days was Summon Skull, since it was a 2500 beater that took only one tribute. And Blue-Eyes had a lot of support, from Trade-In which made people decide to use it for drawing-effects, to it's own archetype that focus on synchro summoning and even topped regional and nationals I believe. Here's a video on it.