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dread be the day mighty ah'non wakes

for he dreams of boops and belly rubs.

what is more terrifying, living in a vast infinite uncaring universe full of being of power beyond comprehension, or the same universe, but those same beings fixate their attentions directly upon you?
safe1658302 artist:t72b677 derpibooru exclusive27061 rarity177523 oc655013 oc:anon11393 pony922597 unicorn303862 /mlp/9340 4chan6604 atg 2020904 clothes442256 coat2744 cthulhu178 cthulhu mythos145 detective rarity665 female1321392 floppy ears49882 glow4210 hat83189 hoof hold7971 mare458208 misleading thumbnail1061 newbie artist training grounds5587 parody15487 solo1033084 statue2254 text56125


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What if we are just a fanfic written by the Great Old Ones? ("Inception" music plays)

Would've been a great adventure if rarity did unearth some ancient idol that unleashed evil into the world. She'd need Maud's help to seal the Maleficent spirit back in its stoney prison.