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After having her courage bolstered by one, (or more) glass of wine, Rarity is ready to show off her beach-bod to a certain farm-titan.
Bonus AJ reaction image. <3
suggestive160099 artist:longinius859 rarity195126 unicorn395033 anthro292814 absolute cleavage4282 alcohol8172 beach babe896 beautisexy1112 bikini20753 blushing222176 bracelet11480 breasts315962 busty rarity14538 cleavage38377 clothes519680 dialogue73774 female1503438 gem7221 glass5354 hand on hip9251 hat99672 heart54952 implied applejack789 implied lesbian3897 implied rarijack480 implied shipping5720 jewelry80294 legs together1270 mare558502 monochrome158245 offscreen character39797 partial color5781 pencil drawing9021 ribbon7796 simple background456739 solo1184756 solo female195745 speech bubble27833 sun hat1141 sweat30517 swimsuit32320 text68644 traditional art125829 white background115654 wine2886 wine glass1740


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