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suggestive162012 artist:rambon7301 sunset shimmer69387 equestria girls223854 legend of everfree8398 belly button89709 blushing224132 boots26301 breasts318921 busty sunset shimmer6387 camp everfree288 clothes524651 crossed legs3784 denim shorts820 dialogue74588 female1516253 legs9901 lidded eyes35690 lip bite12971 long hair5067 looking away4322 looking right77 low angle2353 midriff20777 mountain6027 mountain range699 multicolored hair7678 outdoors14314 pier595 pose7040 sexy34723 shoes45323 short shirt1787 shorts16117 smiling302342 socks76076 solo1195028 solo female197101 speech bubble28254 standing16503 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1124 thighs18906 tight clothing2964 tomboy1252 turquoise eyes76 yellow skin106


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With the few hope it isn’t cases of being at sunrise when the dew hasn’t burnt off yet when the few point out the steam rising from the lake when sunset shimmer thinks she feels hot in a long sleeve shirt.
Background Pony #7A29
I saw a version of this where she was wearing a skimpy bikini. What happened to that? Was it paid content that got taken down?
Background Pony #C039
This camp has a ‘clothings optional’ policy.  
Why do think it’s called ‘Everfree’?