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suggestive159602 artist:rambon7301 sunset shimmer68831 equestria girls222259 legend of everfree8375 belly button88735 blushing221655 boots25898 breasts315224 busty sunset shimmer6314 camp everfree289 clothes518440 crossed legs3710 denim shorts807 dialogue73603 female1500174 legs9704 lidded eyes35220 lip bite12862 long hair4978 looking away4266 looking right75 low angle2301 midriff20643 mountain5928 mountain range688 multicolored hair7434 outdoors14072 pier582 pose6942 sexy34288 shoes44423 short shirt1751 shorts15889 smiling296754 socks75087 solo1182039 solo female195421 speech bubble27690 standing16111 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1105 thighs18453 tight clothing2934 tomboy1225 turquoise eyes71 yellow skin103


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With the few hope it isn’t cases of being at sunrise when the dew hasn’t burnt off yet when the few point out the steam rising from the lake when sunset shimmer thinks she feels hot in a long sleeve shirt.
Background Pony #7A29
I saw a version of this where she was wearing a skimpy bikini. What happened to that? Was it paid content that got taken down?
Background Pony #C039
This camp has a ‘clothings optional’ policy.  
Why do think it’s called ‘Everfree’?