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Norah Galaksio

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Both furries and ponies are dear to me, for how they are magical, cute and fluffy. I love the idea that one can find their way into the world of another~
Commission for @DJDavid98 💙
safe1578323 artist:dreamweaverpony39 oc606543 oc only410451 oc:paamayim nekudotayim112 fox1148 pony847950 unicorn267307 absurd resolution64001 barrier189 blushing176248 cheek fluff4432 chest fluff32653 complex background194 duality3963 ear fluff23491 eyebrows visible through hair752 eyelashes4453 female901603 fluffy12911 foliage46 furry4266 grass8190 hooves16350 horn43284 invisible wall6 looking at each other16504 mane1478 outdoors7582 paws4356 raised hoof39410 raised leg6706 rock3940 soft shading104 tail19433 tail fluff111 thorns285 tree27579 tree branch874


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