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Artist's description:
Business has been good.

She’s got a whole storefront now.
safe1726280 artist:th3ipodm0n152 twilight sparkle303007 pony986544 booth212 cute202780 eyes closed95539 female1380644 free hugs99 high res31106 lucy's advice booth51 mare490563 nap487 onomatopoeia4393 outdoors11134 pillow18227 pone133 sign4046 sky14529 sleeping23693 solo1077589 sound effects2193 stand633 twiabetes12113 zzz2482


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
With all the hugging that our Twileydorbs has been doing today, the poor little pone is pooped! But once she's had a nice rest (and no doubt received some dream hugs from the princess Lulu) she'll be back on top and ready to give out more hugs of her own to everypony! :D