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Sky Dance for Two
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Parcly Taxel: I used Two Wisps Dancing in the Sky (>>2309140) as the background sketch while presenting my panel on vectoring at Quantum SEAPonyCon. I only had enough time to draw a few paths, because those actions were interspersed with relevant commentary. Now I have finally completed the vector.

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SVG here.
safe1639750 artist:parclytaxel1289 oc643292 oc only426944 oc:parcly taxel421 oc:spindle76 alicorn211149 genie1518 genie pony347 pony905398 windigo614 ain't never had friends like us288 albumin flask257 .svg available8030 absurd resolution64850 alicorn oc24498 bottle3823 female1305470 floating3755 horn55868 levitation11421 magic69760 mare449956 raised hoof42102 self-levitation597 simple background370939 smiling230368 telekinesis26235 transparent background192595 upside down5267 vector74172 windigo oc85 wings93146


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