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Jacqueline Apple
I’ve seen a bunch of people use this as her full name, and I love it. In addition to running and maintaining her family farm in ponyville, she also works at an orphanage that she and her husband established. (I will draw them soon).
-Intelligent and a very good negotiator, very good at running things.
-Has a very good head on her shoulders, very mellow and down to earth it takes a lot to see her upset.
-Many ponies regularly come to her for advise
-Extremely physically strong. There seems to be a kind of magic tied to her strength.
-Although kind and relaxed usually, she can be strong headed and stubborn .
-Has many scars from saving equestria numerous times, almost lost her leg.
-Very good at handling finances
  • Was in a relationship with Rarity for a while.
-Once Granny Smith passed, Applejack was named owner of the farm
-due to her successful businesses she accumulates a good amount of money, so she became a philanthropist. She also donates to impoverished areas, and renovations in ponyville.
safe1878368 artist:scarletskitty12176 applejack182112 earth pony320987 pony1224183 the last problem6770 alternate hairstyle31516 chest fluff48498 clothes524602 cloven hooves11772 colored hooves8004 cowboy hat20098 ear fluff38012 female1516165 hat100733 mare566067 older31834 older applejack870 scar13620 scarf26418 simple background462999 solo1194958 straw in mouth1196 transparent background232746 unshorn fetlocks32480


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