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Uploaded by Background Pony #EE16
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original request:  
Fluttershy holding a bunch of chicks or other lil birdies under her wing.
safe1950066 artist:anonymous1825 fluttershy236139 bird11281 chicken1653 pegasus396839 pony1300228 4chan6784 blushing235399 chick magnet15 chicks38 cute232624 drawthread2614 eyes closed118393 female1583032 fluffy16632 fluttermom284 grass12421 hiding behind wing104 hiding under pony2 hug33123 kindness214 lidded eyes38281 mare606208 prone30468 shyabetes16725 smiling324678 solo1249170 spread wings73475 weapons-grade cute4243 wing fluff1924 wing shelter44 wings169952


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