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ATG Day 10: Draw a pony defying impossible odds.

The explanation for rolling a 7 on a die labelled 1-6?
"It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it."
safe1659714 artist:notadeliciouspotato114 braeburn6187 pinkie pie211570 earth pony231873 pony923761 atg 2020904 beyond the impossible5 cider2514 cider mug135 clothes442664 cowboy hat14861 cup6040 dialogue63051 dice476 dreamworks face839 duo56940 female1322561 frown22261 hat83259 hoof on chin522 male357599 mare458840 mug4047 newbie artist training grounds5587 open mouth137518 pinkie being pinkie1201 shocked6595 smiling236078 speech bubble22156 stallion102853 table8860 vest3750 water12543 wide eyes16656


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Monde de merde
Reminds me how Cohen the Barbarian did it when Fate challenged him to do that in The Last Hero: he tossed the die in the air, sliced it in two with his sword mid-flight and the halves gave him a 6 and a 1.