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Commission for Deus Foalt, cover for a story which can be found here. Version without the filter in the source.
explicit318439 artist:pvryohei218 rainbow harmony24 pegasus247004 all the way through875 anal24738 anatomically correct21660 anus87461 bdsm5815 bondage30678 clitoris24222 closet267 commission54865 consentacles1216 dark4266 double all the way through18 fanfic art13155 female1186377 filly59873 foalcon16602 frog (hoof)10366 hoofbutt1123 nudity334264 oral44358 oral penetration115 orgasm denial1283 penetration50298 ponut38855 sex107875 spread wings48380 suspended2596 tentacle blowjob1584 tentacle bondage887 tentacle porn7289 tentacles10808 tentacles on filly44 underhoof46737 vaginal secretions36562 vulva113761 vulvar winking10489 wingboner7766 wingding eyes19376 wings81157


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