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This image is part of a set where some My Little Pony characters I will represent them (according to my point of view) as the main characters of all the Grand Theft Auto games
GTA London 1969: >>2371421  
GTA 2: >>2371454  
GTA III: >>2371537  
GTA Vice City: >>2371589  
GTA San Andreas: >>2371629  
GTA Advance: >>2371672  
GTA Liberty City Stories: >>2371681  
GTA Vice City Stories: >>2371708  
GTA IV: Coming Soon  
GTA IV: The Lost And Damned: Comming Soon  
GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony: Coming Soon  
GTA Chinatown Wars: Coming Soon  
GTA V: Coming Soon
Credits to Shinta Girl
Please read my story here: >>2365150
safe1878491 artist:shinta-girl1066 part of a set16343 wallflower blush2456 equestria girls223855 aiming136 beer can71 black background6828 brown eyes739 can525 clothes524655 commission86973 cosplay30634 costume32599 crossover66739 digital art23518 female1516276 full body5077 grand theft auto700 gta advance1 gun17609 handgun3175 high res76215 human coloration5836 leg in air250 lifted leg586 lifting leg58 looking to side162 mike advance1 one leg raised246 open clothes3041 open shirt1485 outfit1541 pants17345 parody16271 pistol2333 pointing4622 raised leg9180 reference4394 serious1331 serious face1206 shirt29693 shoes45324 signature31793 simple background463055 sleeveless6222 sleeveless shirt82 solo1195038 standing16505 standing on one leg872 t-shirt5267 trigger discipline268 video game5359 video game crossover463 video game reference87 weapon34388


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Background Pony #253D
I don’t know if it was on purpose or it’s just a coincidence but it’s funny how you hit wallflower whose problem is that everyone ignores her she has the role of the most forgettable protagonist of the GTA saga