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autumn sure is affectionate, isnt she?
safe1681665 artist:t72b702 derpibooru exclusive27799 autumn blaze3760 cinder glow748 summer flare748 kirin8333 affection144 atg 2020905 awwtumn blaze729 behaving like a cat2133 blush sticker2423 blushing193393 bonk116 cinderbetes71 cinderblaze15 cute196119 expressionless3 eyes closed90577 female1340813 floating heart2271 floppy ears50933 grass9356 heart47317 lidded eyes29928 mare468822 newbie artist training grounds5601 nuzzling3896 one ear down40 onomatopoeia4035 purring182 raised hoof44485 sitting61744 smiling241551 squishy cheeks2335


not provided yet


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You know, I am genuinely impressed with how much Cinder Glow here has caught on in the fandom — and with how much attention she's still getting even after the "Sounds of Silence" new-episode hype died down. I don't think there's been quite this level of a background character's explosion in popularity since the popular background ponies got codified way back when.
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I really wanna know how warm a kirin is. They must be pretty toasty with that fire magic.