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Originally posted on: Apr 25, 2020

Part 1: >>2370341
safe1575124 artist:conikiblasu-fan318 sci-twi22059 twilight sparkle282658 human142045 equestria girls180115 amphibia12 animated91992 anne boonchuy9 any malu3 barely eqg related703 barely pony related5790 charlie (hazbin hotel)24 clothes408919 coffin163 coffin dance22 cringing246 crossover57113 crossover shipping2604 cutie mark40678 cutie mark on clothes954 disney2301 eclipsa butterfly14 eye clipping through hair4127 eyes closed80164 female898929 frown21634 glitch techs15 god has abandoned us4 grin32928 harem806 hazbin hotel113 hekapoo19 infidelity5332 infinity train15 kissing22449 leni loud34 luz noceda14 male305362 marco diaz83 miko kubota9 moon butterfly4 op is on drugs159 pregnant12292 shipping183986 shrug1314 smiling214870 sound6705 spinel (steven universe)98 star butterfly244 star vs the forces of evil419 steven universe1315 sunglasses12979 teen pregnancy192 teenager4316 the loud house290 the owl house24 tulip olsen6 unamused13727 wat18630 webm10035 wtf2016


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Neko Majin C
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Twilight's Westley
I do not know about the others, but Charlie is gay with a girlfriend, so that was most definitely rape. Also, killing him was shortsighted and stupid, since a dead man cannot pay child support and now they are all left with kids with no father to take responsibility for their upbringing.