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Originally posted on: Apr 25, 2020

Part 1: >>2370341
safe1640495 artist:conikiblasu-fan322 sci-twi23006 twilight sparkle291880 demon2721 human148732 equestria girls191365 amphibia24 animated95323 anne boonchuy10 any malu3 barely eqg related855 barely pony related5985 charlie magne49 clothes436106 coffin179 coffin dance24 cringing265 crossover60067 crossover shipping2805 cutie mark44219 cutie mark on clothes1594 disney2441 eclipsa butterfly19 eye clipping through hair4857 eyes closed86341 female1306123 frown22110 glitch techs24 god has abandoned us5 grin35633 harem873 hazbin hotel199 hekapoo19 infidelity6140 infinity train20 kissing23471 leni loud41 luz noceda47 male351490 marco diaz89 miko kubota14 moon butterfly6 obligatory pony6238 op is on drugs175 pregnant12750 shipping191722 shrug1373 smiling230544 sound8023 spinel (steven universe)126 star butterfly277 star vs the forces of evil484 steven universe1446 sunglasses13724 teen pregnancy194 teenager4428 the loud house350 the owl house96 tulip olsen6 unamused15066 wat18799 webm11892 wtf2119


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Background Pony #711A
The loud house good to bad from WickedBinge


🥇Leni Loud🥈Bobby
Santiago🥉Lily Loud I don't know that's my opinion for 🥈place and 🥉place for the most ranking of good that all I got sorry so anyway let's continue with the list shall we please Lincoln Loud 🌑🔊 Howard McBride and Harold McBride Mick Swagger Charles Cliff Geo Walt Liam Rusty Spokes Zach Gurdle Stella Girl Jordan Polly Pain Lynn Loud Jr Lana Loud Ronnie Anne Santiago Hugh
Rocky Paige Stella Sid Chang Roxanne
Meli Ramos Winston Dana Teri Teen Girl Chaz Joey Tad Whitney Five unnamed friends

The gray area

Lori Loud Lucy Loud Lisa Loud Clyde McBride Friends and Family
Rita Loud Lynn Loud Sr. Mr. Grouse Principal Huggins Chandler Carol Pingrey

Bad to feind
🥇Flip 🥈Lola 🥉Loud Luan Loud Exterminator Lindsey Sweetwater
Exterminator Tetherby Bratty Kid The Manager Hank and Hawk Park Ranger
Sue The Kitty Ruth Loki Loni Luke Lane Mirror-world Lynn Lars Leif Lexx Levi Leon