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safe1687833 artist:5mmumm5303 sci-twi23922 sunset shimmer62212 twilight sparkle298127 bird8078 parakeet65 equestria girls197752 ah yes me my girlfriend and her x70 exploitable meme33182 female1345919 it's not about the parakeet58 lesbian95708 meme81425 meta16549 ponified meme907 scitwishimmer2224 shipping197741 sleeping23206 sunsetsparkle4328 twitter3199


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psst it's me I'm a horse
I'm taking a break on using the word "morning"

I'm actually taking a break from using the word "meetup"

I didn't realize you could treat words the same way you treat a diet

man I wish we could live in a world where anything you post makes sense

Sci-Twi Lover
Stop correcting one of my lines, I'm taking a break on using the word "morning" because I've used it too much on a few of my comments, so I'm not using that word for this one, I'm taking a break on it.

"Twilight: hahaha, and all the privacy you can get with our private bedroom moments uploaded to the internet for everyone to see, THANKS SUNSET."