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Finally updated my Ponysona :D
Name: Creative Blossom
Age: 21 years
Gender: female/ mare
Species: Hippogriff — unicorn — small
Molly — a cross breed collie dog that is hyperactive and maybe a bit too friendly
Johnny — mischievous and playful, he's a bunny with an affectionate side.
* Sometimes wears a red scarf
* Trench coat
* Dress tops or fandom tops
* Chokers (example: Yennefer Choker)
* Necklaces (fandom related: example: Constantine)
* Always wanting to please others/ make others happy
* Daydreamer
* Kind & Caring
* Animal lover
* Shy
* Insecure
* Protective of her belongings
* Sensitive
This also could be used as an example of how my reference sheets would look — the colours for the borders and background colours would be themed to the character's colours, like here -. I hope you like how she looks :3

You can also find the separate versions of Creative here:
safe1584630 artist:creative-blossom37 oc607762 oc:creativeblossom1 dog8525 hippogriff8462 rabbit4531 unicorn273138 animal3516 clothes413939 colored17762 digital399 drawing4083 female1181915 front44 mare426130 on side6391 pets119 reference3863 reference sheet10661


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