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Release the Ponken.


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safe1750348 artist:alcor1005 applejack173257 fluttershy217234 gentle breeze402 pinkie pie220141 posey shy1338 princess celestia96753 rainbow dash238543 rarity185574 twilight sparkle306087 zephyr breeze2441 oc711856 oc:anon11931 alicorn232872 human158942 pegasus309101 pony1010419 comic:hearts aflutter22 armpits43391 background pony applejack93 comic111461 cute205686 explicit description133 explicit source4999 female1401736 holding hooves1701 interspecies23586 kissing25374 mane six32560 mare502124 marriage1345 rcf community5316 shyabetes14503 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126190 unamused16754 wedding1490


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Really cute. I understand the high-res is behind Patreon, I just wish these were a little higher res as the text gets blurry and harder to read.
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Background Pony #1CE7
I love it.


Other than the explicit links, why is this considered Questionable?

The other two pages are marked as safe, and they still have the link.

Im just curious is all.
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Background Pony #A29E
And that's how the comics ends!!
Wow, brief but intense, i have to say… lol
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