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*My Little Pony: Being Large is Being in Charge *
(Link goes to Tv Tropes)
(Inspired by this earlier collage)

safe2173548 edit172940 edited screencap90422 screencap295672 amarant73 applejack200393 arista221 autumn afternoon262 ballista165 barry92 billy180 chief thunderhooves319 cinder glow1180 clypeus225 cornicle254 dawn sunrays54 dragon lord torch402 fern flare151 fluttershy258512 forest fall193 frenulum (g4)221 haven bay41 king sombra17130 little strongheart932 lokiax168 maple brown181 pharynx1325 pinkie pie255773 princess cadance40040 princess celestia112671 princess luna117168 princess skystar2497 professor mossmane18 professor mosstone18 prominence277 pumpkin smoke219 queen chrysalis42154 queen novo1877 rain shine665 rainbow dash279804 rarity217486 rex88 salina blue50 sparkling brook190 spike92376 spring glow265 stratus skyranger67 summer flare1180 thorax5487 twilight sparkle357627 winter flame230 alicorn313971 bison923 buffalo1069 changedling11480 changeling65885 changeling queen23874 classical hippogriff6403 dragon85367 earth pony446000 hippogriff13543 kirin15214 pegasus496173 pony1601737 unicorn537628 g42027540 gauntlet of fire1545 luna eclipsed1871 my little pony: the movie21436 over a barrel953 sounds of silence3513 swarm of the century892 the crystalling2415 the cutie re-mark3539 the last problem8062 to change a changeling856 to where and back again3075 changeling king461 collage2066 female1801866 helmet15833 king thorax3848 large and in charge4 leader80 male550420 mane six37598 mare740568 mind control4783 older39938 older twilight4352 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3838 prince pharynx1007 princess twilight 2.03799 size comparison1063 sombra soldier244 stallion195556 star swirl the bearded costume466 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149077 unicorn twilight33183


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Flufux Corporations
Also the Storm King is way taller than all of his minions, even completely dwarfing Tempest who’s quite tall herself.