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*My Little Pony: Being Large is Being in Charge *
(Link goes to Tv Tropes)
(Inspired by this earlier collage)

safe2155506 edit171424 edited screencap89464 screencap294116 amarant72 applejack198871 arista220 autumn afternoon261 ballista163 barry90 billy178 chief thunderhooves318 cinder glow1170 clypeus224 cornicle253 dawn sunrays54 dragon lord torch402 fern flare151 fluttershy256226 forest fall192 frenulum (g4)217 haven bay41 king sombra17049 little strongheart926 lokiax166 maple brown179 pharynx1299 pinkie pie253757 princess cadance39554 princess celestia111890 princess luna116322 princess skystar2480 professor mossmane18 professor mosstone18 prominence276 pumpkin smoke219 queen chrysalis41831 queen novo1865 rain shine659 rainbow dash277498 rarity215933 rex87 salina blue49 sparkling brook193 spike91874 spring glow264 stratus skyranger67 summer flare1170 thorax5436 twilight sparkle354909 winter flame224 alicorn310350 bison922 buffalo1064 changedling11330 changeling65176 changeling queen23603 classical hippogriff6371 dragon84323 earth pony438340 hippogriff13431 kirin14972 pegasus488443 pony1583455 unicorn529379 g42008439 gauntlet of fire1543 luna eclipsed1864 my little pony: the movie21392 over a barrel948 sounds of silence3507 swarm of the century889 the crystalling2408 the cutie re-mark3514 the last problem8042 to change a changeling852 to where and back again3066 changeling king460 collage2047 female1782388 helmet15643 king thorax3715 large and in charge4 leader78 male543520 mane six37342 mare728991 mind control4670 older39571 older twilight4314 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3807 prince pharynx961 princess twilight 2.03773 size comparison1044 sombra soldier241 stallion191910 star swirl the bearded costume464 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148113 unicorn twilight32456


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Flufux Corporations
Also the Storm King is way taller than all of his minions, even completely dwarfing Tempest who’s quite tall herself.