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And here is another drawing portrait of Milly and Miles along with their humble server who is behind the screen uploading more and more drawings of their beloved characters, enjoy the drawing :3

Credits to their respective author

Please read my story here: >>2365150
safe1704707 artist:aspirantedeartista41 oc683608 oc:miles scratch10 oc:milly scratch92 human154526 bags under eyes1985 barely pony related6150 black hair476 bone3004 brown eyes489 bust49859 clenched fist255 clothes458978 commission68268 crossed arms5086 dark skin4571 date891 female1361465 fist523 humanized99988 humanized oc2347 intrigued22 irl70064 jeans4075 lights834 looking at you168242 male372101 moderate dark skin744 open clothes2702 pants14485 portrait30945 red eyes6129 red hair909 shirt24870 shy4132 signature24696 simple background392828 smiling247780 spanish4331 standing12202 sweatshirt556 t-shirt4410 tomboy1156 traditional art117739 trio9143


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