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Sunset vector: >>507040
safe1575495 edit117687 edited screencap56080 screencap199228 cozy glow5849 lord tirek4730 queen chrysalis32317 sunset shimmer57619 twilight sparkle282713 alicorn195315 centaur2614 changeling40123 changeling queen11864 pony845722 the ending of the end2025 alicornified4536 alternate scenario310 bell3739 big damn heroes12 blast515 buffy the vampire slayer27 canterlot castle1761 comic101466 cozycorn415 dialogue60561 element of generosity709 element of honesty710 element of kindness770 element of laughter710 element of loyalty887 element of magic1891 elements of harmony2347 female899302 grogar's bell312 magic65869 magic beam269 magic blast877 male305484 mare415468 quote1185 race swap12533 screencap comic4173 shimmercorn620 text51086 this is gonna be good2 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115203 ultimate chrysalis263 ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny18


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5 comments posted
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

How out of practice is Sunset, with magic, in this scenario?

Even if she weren't, though, I don't think her and Twilight combined would really have a hope of beating all three of them, in a straight fight. You'd probably need at least Cadance going for you, too.
Background Pony #9C1A
would have been nice if Sunset was seen once but I'll count her appearance in the final episode during the song magic of friendship grows
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