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A good question
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Background Pony #49E1
1. Diapers looks cute on you.
2. You will feel much better in them.
3. They want to put everyone into diapers.
4. Because a little Filly like you shuld be in diapers 24/7.
5. You are acting like a foal that is having a tantrum.
6. The diaper punishment & being forced babied would be a good way to reform you into a good filly.
7. They will love to see you use your diapers.
8. The will love to change your diapers.
9. You know that i am right about all i have said & that you will love to wear them, use them & getting them changed.
10. You will either be in forced into diapers & foalhood 24/7 for the rest of you life or be forced into stone for all eternity.