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Originally posted on: September 24, 2019
Shield Wing belongs to me lachlancarr1996

Base by amgiwolf

Link: https://www.deviantart.com/amgiwolf/art/Base-pony-stallion-and-mare-married-YCH-open-799012410

Starlight GlimmerStarlight Glimmer Blush Icon and My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro :iconhasbroplz: & Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye: ©

Belong to amgiwolf
safe1573877 artist:lachlancarr199611 starlight glimmer43805 oc604037 oc:shield wing4 alicorn194955 pony844558 alicorn oc21970 apple14632 apron3882 base used15741 bipedal30544 blush sticker2126 blushing175587 bowl1453 canon x oc21985 clothes408504 eyelashes4378 eyes closed80077 female897925 food60698 horn43070 housewife170 hug25439 hug from behind395 kiss on the cheek1489 kissing22430 kitchen1539 male305039 mare414855 multicolored hair4145 one eye closed25134 rainbow hair1853 sink446 smiling214621 stallion92516 straight121558 traditional art109141 wings75708 wink21567


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