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Background Pony #0EC0
This is sad, but was all but inevitable since The Magical Mystery Cure. We know from Celestia and Luna that Alicorns can live to be at least a millennium old.
But how long will the rest live? A century, if they're lucky; maybe into their hundred-and-twenties or so, in AJ's and Pinkie's cases.
Dragons in most series tend to be rather long-lived, so maybe Twilight will have her #1 assistant for a few hundred years, maybe a millennium or more. But Luna and especially Celestia don't seem to have aged much in the past millennium, so it's quite likely that that isn't that long compared to an Alicorn's natural life span (assuming they aren't immortal or nigh immortal).

Pretty sure Spike would still be alive and kicking after a 1000 years.
Dragons look like they will live probably for thousands of years according to beings like Torch and how its stated that dragons can end up taking naps lasting for a century or so.

Eh, not quite fitting. Starlight fit the idea better due to her wicked actions.

Besides, we all know the protagonist to a MLP themed undertale would be Spike, thanks to his ability to be peaceful or vengeful.
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Background Pony #179A
Unfortunately Twilight's forced opening of the "Friendship School" and her turning a foal into stone led her down a dark path of no return.
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Background Pony #16DD
Twilight used her friends to be the new Celestia; what a great friendship lesson.
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