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Oh boy. Another page, another delay Coldness comic 9th page.
Anyway, let's go ahead and practice medicine- I mean magic with Tommy. This little buddy needs some practice.

Magical Mishaps [Pages]
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safe1750535 artist:khaki-cap212 oc711978 oc only465478 oc:khaki-cap115 oc:tommy234 oc:tommy the human500 alicorn232898 earth pony265943 pony1010591 comic:magical mishaps16 alicorn oc27629 book34502 earth pony oc9839 furniture350 horn77620 house2364 jean thicc54 levitation spell11 magic75390 night27354 pony oc424 sleepy1671 thicc ass1354 thick4584 wings123120


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