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NOTE: I did not make this. I only edited the legs and face. All credit goes to the original artist.

Wish I could've done a proper barefoot edit of this, but I guess sockless is better than nothing. Even though I had to edit the face as well to make the changes more noticeable…..
safe1577900 alternate version34118 artist:clouddg1325 edit117909 editor:thomasfan45200 lemon zest3042 equestria girls180549 bowtie8607 breasts240323 busty lemon zest296 clothes409925 crystal prep academy uniform3193 female901238 headphones6775 legs6890 looking at you144327 one eye closed25272 plaid skirt608 school uniform6715 skirt35733 smiling215562 solo974696 thighs8299 waving2533 wink21643


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