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"For Funimation2002 Who wanted Twilight Sparkle spending time with Sci Twi.
And seeing who's best at filling their bellies up till [they were] chunky." ~ PrinceBlueMoon3
suggestive128279 artist:princebluemoon3333 sci-twi22124 twilight sparkle283034 alicorn195728 pony847567 unicorn267118 belly24461 belly button67713 big belly8457 burp1660 fat19971 female901185 glasses55010 grayscale36258 hoof on belly181 huge belly1918 lineart19078 mare416548 monochrome148019 obese10250 princess twilard383 sci-twilard61 self ponidox7212 sitting55146 sketch58959 smiling215548 squishy2163 stuffed1448 traditional art109437 twilard sparkle1150 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115360 twolight1058 unicorn twilight12949


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