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Page 1383 — Can't Go Home Again
28th May 2020, 6:00 AM

How do you personally like to do backstories with your GM/players for long-term campaigns? Myself, as a player, ever the diplomancer, I tend to like having connections that I can potentially leverage in clever ways. As a GM, I like to ask my players directly what they're looking for emotionally from the current campaign experience and their current character, and try to build the campaign with those goals in mind.

Fluttershy: Um, don't… you still have family in Ponyville, Applejack?
Applejack: Is Sweet Apple Acres technically in Ponyville?
DM: Yes. It's at the outskirts, but it still counts. And it's the home of an Element of Harmony, so of course Discord would want to keep an eye on it.
Applejack: Well dang. They're hardy folk, though. Ah'm sure they'll endure.
Rarity: Oh shoot, Sweetie Belle…
Pinkie Pie: It'll be just fine, girls! The Cake family hasn't evacuated either, and they're practically my family, but I'm not worried! Not one bit! So don't worry about it! We'll be right back! Whatever you do, don't feel guilty about leaving your loved ones behind!
Rainbow Dash: This is why I don't do backstories.
safe1575801 artist:newbiespud1289 edit117703 edited screencap56088 screencap199295 applejack158891 big macintosh26874 fluttershy197820 pinkie pie203290 rainbow dash219415 rarity169752 sweetie belle46664 twilight sparkle282761 earth pony199094 pegasus239708 pony845923 unicorn266296 comic:friendship is dragons1447 forever filly522 the return of harmony1475 animal costume1809 behaving like a dog1268 bowtie8592 clothes409182 comic101481 costume24688 d:413 dialogue60567 discorded1391 episode needed89 female899497 hat76647 male305553 mane six29457 mare415584 mud2227 open mouth123161 pointing3704 raised hoof39294 screencap comic4173 sheep costume3 sheepie belle29 stallion92708 tongue out90566 unamused13730 unicorn twilight12904


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