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"Princess Twilight! I didn't know you were reading this book! Do you like it? I really like it!" A moment from last night's Equestria dreamscape that I decided to draw today before I forgot certain details. Princess Twilight has discovered several things about her first Mare-in-Waiting Page Turner:

1. Her and the Mare-in-Waiting Page Turner were reading the same book.

2. Page Turner hadn't told her she was spending her evenings literally in the book.

3. That her Mare-in-Waiting likes to dress up and cosplay as a character in the book.

4. That she really gets into the story that's in the book. Really gets into.

5. That Page Turner is very, very interested in her.
suggestive127990 artist:baron engel1738 twilight sparkle282676 oc604780 oc:page turner43 alicorn195250 pony845546 semi-anthro10982 unicorn266061 bed36252 book30638 butt27461 clothes408973 corset3884 female899057 garter belt3291 grayscale36237 implied canon x oc53 implied lesbian3081 implied shipping4369 lingerie9510 magic65856 mare415337 monochrome147901 pencil drawing7402 plot71192 spread wings47801 stockings28624 story included7762 thigh highs28355 traditional art109272 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115185 wingboner7788 wings75977


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6 comments posted
Background Pony #3F52
How many people would dare to read fanfiction if there was a chance that hot horny mares would come popping out?
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Background Pony #04BF
I've heard of pop-up books but this is ridiculous! And sexy.

Also, is that a horngasm?
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