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this has been languishing in the WIP folder for a while, so i chucked it on here.

safe2155270 artist:the-75th-hunger-game42 applejack198845 discord37302 fluttershy256179 pinkie pie253717 rainbow dash277452 rarity215911 twilight sparkle354838 alicorn310288 angel1611 angel pony256 arachnid168 cat8790 cat pony885 deer9613 demon5259 demon pony2320 draconequus20043 earth pony438237 monster pony4891 moth1229 mothpony1171 original species36077 pegasus488346 spider2374 spiderpony671 undead5971 anthro354889 lil-miss rarity628 g42008105 alastor109 alternate hairstyle37269 angel dust (hazbin hotel)125 anime sweat drop8 attack eyebrows8 black sclera3349 blush sticker3834 bowtie14665 bowties are cool50 butterfly wings807 cat demon21 cat ears1586 cat pony demon8 catdash3 catified555 charlie magne80 clothes625986 cowboy hat25221 creepy5769 creepy smile889 creepypasta1419 crossover72667 deer demon87 deerified474 disguise7170 disguised angel49 elf ears2582 eyepatch3920 fallen angel113 freckles43030 hat122746 hazbin hotel399 hell408 hellaverse809 hellborn482 heterochromia8588 husk (hazbin hotel)23 mane six37337 missing eye278 moth angel47 mothpony angel17 multiple arms418 multiple limbs459 niffty24 overlord demon100 ponified scene51 pride ring61 princess3363 princess of hell90 rarirachnid48 scar16239 scarf31870 scene interpretation10816 sinner demon222 slit pupils7434 smiling390273 species swap26367 spider demon112 spiderponyrarity127 sweatdrop6696 that's entertainment259 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148096 vaggie55 wings217300


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Artist -

Flufux Corporations
@Proof Positive  
Also, in a video the creator put out before the pilot aired she used various voice clips from different movies or cartoons for how her headcanon voices for the characters were, and specifically used Pinkie Pie as an example for how she wanted Nifty to sound.
Background Pony #8A5E
Sunset Shimmer=Charlie  
Komaru Naegi=vaggie  
Shadow The Hedgehog=angle dust  
Sayaka Maizono=husked  
Tom Lucitor=Nifty  
Randy Cunningham=alastor  
Kaito Momota=me
Kulta kai

Flutter shy=vaggie  
Rarity=angle dust  
Applejack=alistors 🎙(given body in this piece of art)