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Collab with @osawari-64

Thank you very much!
safe1588253 artist:ch-chau92 artist:osawari6485 starlight glimmer44334 sunset shimmer58253 twilight sparkle284625 alicorn197906 pony855611 unicorn271042 baby9080 baby pony6180 babylight sparkle332 blushing177941 box4246 collaboration4886 cute180722 female918876 heart43623 mare420798 open mouth124847 paper bag830 pink background2312 pony in a box847 simple background349438 size difference12808 smol516 trio7424 twiabetes10438 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116153 younger15683


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #80D6
So cuuuuuute! Poor Twilight will need to put up with her students calling her "Wittle Twily."
Background Pony #E2B3
Sunset and Starlight a coming back from the human world and fond out of Twilight a be turn to a baby Alicorn, of course first thing come to mind to be worry for twilight but one see her as a baby can help them self to see how cute baby twilight is