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December 1, 1994

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Pony Pals Productions on TF! Youth

French Anime Movies for Events

Movie 001: Human vs Robo-Human; Unicorn Look-a-Like
Movie 002: Hearth's Warming Night; Search for Chrysalis who Stole Presents
Movie 003: Return to Tantarus; Tirek Strikes Back
Movie 004: To the Mirror of Fillies; Rescue Mission to Save The Cutie Mark Crusaders
Movie 005: Space Travel; Chaotic Funland
Movie 006: A.J. and the Crusaders; Metal Maniac
Movie 007: Find a Cure; Hearth's Warming Medicare
Movie 008: The Fairy Ponies; A Trip to Wish Island
Movie 009: Travel through Time; Metal Twilight Returns
Movie 010: Ponies out of Magic; Save Equestria
Movie 011: The Mid-Night within me; Team Nightmare's Back in Action
Movie 012: Unbeatable; King Sombra's New Kingdom
Movie 013 (Final Movie): Shadow Play; Starswirl's Mistakes


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