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Decmeber 14, 1994

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Pony Pals Productions on TF! Youth

French Anime Episodes for Season 8

Episode 001 (Season Premiere): Trixie's Back; Who's The Creator of Sunest Shimmer
Episode 002: Magic Duel in the City; Stop the Ones who were Magical
Episode 003: Stunned by Possession; Black Doom's Demise
Episode 004: Despose the Humans?; The Search for the Elements of Harmony
Episode 005: Save the Tree of Harmony; Celstia's Rescue Plan
Episode 006: Dark Night Relives; Super Trixie Vs. Black Doom
Episode 007: Sunest Shimmer's Arrival; 50 Years is Too Long
Episode 008: Shine the Light; Twilight Vs. Sunest Shimmer
Episode 009: Rescue Mission; Escape The Island of Dungeons
Episode 010: Nightmare Resolution; The Moon is Half
Episode 011: Stopping the Night; Fake Jewels work for Teleporting
Episode 012: Final Clash; Moonset Hazards' Countdown
Episode 013: Crusaders in the Human World; Snowdrop's Mother Return with Her Fixed Boomerang
Episode 014: Eclipse; Twiligt Corruption
Episode 015: Bring Twilight Back to her Senses; Applejack's Rematch
Episode 016: Where's Twilight; Fluttershy's Date Rage
Episode 017: Household Madness; Shadowbolts' Appartment Change
Episode 018: Preperations for the Pet Shop Tournament; Bring All who Fight For
Episode 019: The Tournament Begins; The Semi-finals of Snowdrop and Twilight?
Episode 020: The Tournament Ends; Emerl's Gone Nuts: Pinkie Pie Goes Crazy
Episode 021: A New Destination; Find the Biggest Pet of All
Episode 022: Volcanic Foals; Eruption in 15 Minutes
Episode 023: A Portal Completion; Wait for the Right time to Leave
Episode 024: Snowdrop and Primrose's Goodbye; Ponies Farewell (Snowdrop's Deleted Scene After the Title Card, and Snowdrop and Primrose's Deleted Scene Before the Eyecatches)
Episode 025: Twilight and Blythe; One Last Trip in the Human World (Twilight and Blythe's Focused Episode)
Episode 026 (Season Finale): Twilight Returns to Ponyville; Memories, Memories (Snowdrop Loves Twilight Sparkle With Winter's Secret Music)


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