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Keeping to the Mermay pony seapony theme, rolling along with it as long as the month lasts. But I thought I'd bring back some old vibes from my gallery again. Some of the "epic" classical inspired intense painting composition thingymajingponystuff. Sprinkle some of my old but not forgotten First Contact War concepts. The first contacts between equine and gryphons, but water ponies instead.

My First Contact War universe, in short, is an alternative historical universe for MLP. It's less of a specific story and more a collection of events spanning many years. The first contact between equines and gryphons. From the smallest most forgotten contact, to the biggest wars. The many differences between two massive alien empires. Their anatomy, cultures, beliefs, magic, etc. This all assuming the empires are massive and advanced, but still limited in the speed and travel (of communication), so it becomes easier for events like this to remain isolated and unknown, but still with all potential consequences and troubles overcoming their differences.

It's been a long time since I've done something with this combination of subject,
theme and aesthetic, but it's an oldie for me that'll always be relevant in some ways.

Also, I wanted to try painting a wave. This all was just a sudden culmination of ideas one night,
that I ended up wanting to paint. And here we are. BUT I didn't want to have to paint this for
weeks. The amount of detail this composition could hold is worth many more sessions, but I'm
keeping it with two sessions for this. I really didn't want to sit, zoom and paint smaller and
smaller details for too long haha. Maybe lazy? But there's also that point of diminishing returns.

Anyhow, hope y'all like this piece, rough in hopefully the right spots and not the wrong
ones. Just two ladies starting off on the wrong end and not adhering to proper distancing.

Approx Time: ~15-16 hours
Photoshop CC

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safe1575236 artist:assasinmonkey788 oc604766 oc only409610 griffon24875 seapony (g4)3656 first contact war73 armor21654 clothes408959 cloud27134 dramatic pose56 fight5767 helmet9951 hoof hold7334 ocean5268 open mouth123076 trident169 war1181 war face68 water11344 wave375 weapon27214


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Background Pony #DC6A
This is legitimately one of the best works to ever grace DB and I am lucky enough to find it on the same day it's uploaded. The expressions and poses are top-notch and they evoke Wagnerian drama. Your concept of ponies and griffons fighting is also thrilling as it's found in many high-quality works from the Equestria at War universe to old /mlpol/ lore, yet you have your own spin on it.
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