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As years went By Twilight was giving her Student Luster dawn a Friendship lesson right as Tempest (Now a Princess General and Wife of Twilight) Spanks her Princess in the flank as a Payback when she was Spanked.

See what Tempest was talking about
suggestive127697 artist:ejlightning007arts875 fizzlepop berrytwist8601 luster dawn932 tempest shadow15336 twilight sparkle282267 alicorn194691 unicorn265143 the last problem4123 alicornified4530 alternate timeline2716 armor21618 blushing175374 butt27076 butt touch2853 confused4127 cute176707 eye scar4430 female896809 funny3636 lesbian92075 payback91 plot71093 princess tempest shadow44 princess twilight 2.01607 race swap12508 raised hoof39185 raised leg6648 scar10401 sexy face28 shipping183652 spanking2453 speech bubble20496 tempest gets her horn back181 tempest now has a true horn30 tempesticorn197 tempestlight3363 twilight sparkle (alicorn)114980 unexpected113 vector71123 wing slap23 wings75436 wingspank21


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Background Pony #321C
Luster Dawn: Princess Twilight can spank me for poor magic performance… but Tempest can spank the Princess? Is she the one with all the power?
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