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Originally posted on: 27 May 2020
4 full hours of drawing these three as magic ponies for no other reason than to flex. Anyways, Roxxi is a unicorn with scary red magic, Adelaide is a bat pony (Thestra?) and Veronica is a fae changling. I’m addicted n wondering how deep teen depression had to be to keep me from drawing ponies years ago.

I’m on such a bad kick I might end up ponying the whole EW cast. (ALSO!!! Stop telling me it’s called a “reformed” changling damnit, I call them Fae Changlings and Nix Changlings deal w it)
safe1577892 alternate version34117 artist:cursed-saphire-hart6 bat pony43537 changedling7278 changeling40240 pony847624 unicorn267156 bat ponified2023 bat wings5973 bust40905 changedlingified105 clothes409920 collar28801 curved horn5866 eddsworld64 female901233 glowing horn16714 hair over one eye8156 horn43626 mare416570 ponified38441 race swap12553 selfie2793 smiling215561 species swap18368 wings76492


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