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Celestia greets you with open arms! "Welcome fair traveler to the kingdom! I am Princess Celestia. Co-ruler of this marvelous realm. It would be my pleasure to show you around this place that me and so many others call home! It is a place of wonders, magic, and breath-taking sights!"
suggestive128227 artist:baron engel1741 princess celestia90098 anthro230850 mermaid1741 absolute cleavage2751 armband811 armpits41479 bikini15843 bikini top1395 breasts240201 bridle3184 busty princess celestia9067 cleavage30789 clothes409764 ear piercing21698 earring18008 erect nipples8563 female900875 grayscale36257 horn43553 horn jewelry517 horn ring5061 jewelry51079 mare416347 mermaidized934 monochrome148000 nipple outline6190 pencil drawing7413 piercing34965 praise the sun1878 sealestia65 solo974419 solo female168688 species swap18353 swimsuit24772 tack3760 tail ring337 traditional art109425 wristband3067


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Background Pony #BA9B
Calling her "Sunfish" would be just about as unwise as calling her "Sunbutt" in her other forms, I'm guessing.