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Celestia greets you with open arms! "Welcome fair traveler to the kingdom! I am Princess Celestia. Co-ruler of this marvelous realm. It would be my pleasure to show you around this place that me and so many others call home! It is a place of wonders, magic, and breath-taking sights!"
suggestive129010 artist:baron engel1770 princess celestia89828 anthro232487 mermaid1766 absolute cleavage2804 armband787 armpits41447 bikini16084 bikini top1420 breasts242732 bridle3215 busty princess celestia9180 cleavage31005 clothes411722 ear piercing21896 earring18117 erect nipples8671 female925338 grayscale35659 horn45170 horn jewelry518 horn ring5091 jewelry51937 mare418027 mermaidized951 monochrome145508 nipple outline6263 pencil drawing7435 piercing35144 praise the sun1897 sealestia68 solo977649 solo female168734 species swap18054 swimsuit25139 tack3798 tail ring331 traditional art109497 wristband3120


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Background Pony #BA9B
Calling her "Sunfish" would be just about as unwise as calling her "Sunbutt" in her other forms, I'm guessing.