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Originally posted on: February 27 2017
Anonymous asked: Ohhh so he's a FANG man, eh? There's plenty more to you than just those teeth though!

“Well Anon, She uh… She has lovely eyes. A sunny disposition and uh-”

“Mkali, who are you talking to? Did you just.. Throw your water on yourself?”
“I tripped.”
“…At your desk?”
safe1576780 artist:esmeia171 oc605714 oc only410089 oc:cinnamon crisp61 oc:mkali16 earth pony199488 pony846674 zebra15763 zebracorn329 :o3462 bedroom eyes51575 blushing176025 bust40822 cinnakali10 comic101618 cute177724 cute little fangs1721 daydream302 earth pony oc3489 embarrassed10107 fangs22170 female900294 glasses54988 heart eyes14020 lidded eyes25712 looking at you144127 looking back49107 looking back at you10980 looking over shoulder2812 male305875 mare416072 open mouth123275 stallion92879 wingding eyes19176


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