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This is the final update to the show. I still need to include the Rainbow Roadtrip movie. Wasn't it supposed to be released on DVD at some point?

Season 1: >>1889331
Season 2: >>1903546
Season 3: >>1906368
Season 4: >>1870264
Season 5: >>1919244
Season 6: >>1924039
Season 7: >>1928199 and >>1928200
Season 8: >>1737149, >>1854640 and >>1974703
Season 9: >>2172565 and You Are Here
Movie: >>2035608
safe1655172 screencap215689 ahuizotl820 apple bloom48271 applejack165691 biff184 discord29991 doctor caballeron782 doctor whooves10604 fluttershy207233 goldie delicious377 granny smith5228 matilda499 pinkie pie211201 rainbow dash228148 rarity177297 spike77155 starlight glimmer47099 sunburst6458 time turner10600 trixie65655 twilight sparkle293712 alicorn214546 donkey1770 draconequus10490 dragon53290 earth pony230102 pony919669 unicorn302422 a horse shoe-in1318 a trivial pursuit1121 a-dressing memories87 cakes for the memories120 daring doubt852 dragon dropped1179 going to seed708 student counsel1191 the ending of the end3061 spoiler:a-dressing memories87 spoiler:a-dressing memories spoiler:cakes for the memories1 spoiler:cakes for the memories120 animated95987 apple15681 apple tree3010 bag4216 boop7150 boop compilation16 carousel boutique2034 compilation537 female1318644 food66960 gif29658 glasses59114 glowing eyes10707 henchmen357 male356129 mare456815 messy hair884 messy mane7510 noseboop2703 saddle bag5589 stallion102341 sugarcube corner2181 supercut69 tree30852 twilight snapple2004 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120865 winged spike8124


not provided yet


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The magic's gone :-(
Rainbow Roadtrip seems to be… just forgotten. AFAIK it exists only as a TV rip out there. I don't know if it's ever been available on any streaming service. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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now rarity is nose booping discord just like pinkie did in the return of harmony
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