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Admit it, you definitely did this at least once as a kid~

Decided to draw something for Vinyl day and while I was at it tried out the animation feature of Clip Studio Paint, and I gotta say this was fun even if I had no idea what I was doing with the frames :D

Many thanks to Pirill, Discorded and Luna for their help and suggestions!

(GIF version available at source)
safe1578353 artist:djdavid98186 dj pon-328143 vinyl scratch32239 pony847960 animated92133 blowing bubbles362 chest fluff32652 cute178039 ear fluff23491 female901607 fluffy12911 glass4040 glass of water105 gradient background10865 horn43285 looking at you144410 magic66019 missing accessory7464 no sound3280 sitting55168 solo974995 straw1721 telekinesis24772 vinylbetes599 webm10103


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